Social media update: 15/09/2012

15 Sep

Hi all,

Just in case you’ve missed out on the latest updates in social media–we have a very busy update below! Find out about how Grouptweet can help you share your company Twitter account, how ‘Elle’ have used Facebook and how to increase your klout.  Please leave any comments about your thoughts below.

Happy reading 🙂


General news Does your business use Twitter hashtags in the right way?

Does social media shape your TV habits?

How can you increase FB engagement?

The Olympics are over – but find out how brands grew on FB. Here’s an infographic!

Find out how NYP used social media to memorialize 9/11

How do you make a successful campaign in social media?

What are your mobile manners like?

What Pinterest did for a company and what it could potentially do for you!

Context vs. content – what’s the difference?

How to improve your social media footprint

‘Elle’ invites FB fans to collaborate – find out how…

Remember AOL Instant Messenger? You’ll like this

When’s best to post on social media?

The three myths of social media ROI

Twitter’s enhanced geo-targeting for customers

What a brand should never do on Facebook

How can you increase your Klout?

Social media crisis – what should you do?

Targeting Facebook users –using their contact info

Pinterst vs. Instagram – which will be best for your target market?

40% of revenue for online retailers comes from repeat purchasers – more stats here.

Not sure if you should share? Click here.

One to watch…  The three digital trends to watch out for in 2012 and beyond
This week’s awesome case study How do fashion retailers use social media?

This week’s must bookmark site GroupTweet – makes it easier to share your company Twitter account
Quote of the week Twitter actually feels like the street. You can bump into anybody on Twitter.William Gibson, author, as quoted by’s Underwire blog




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