Social media update: 14/07/2012

14 Jul

Hi all,

Here is this week’s social media update! Find out what has been happening with Natwest and their lack of response on Twitter, Taco Bell and Old Spice have an interesting debate on Twitter and can you remember how you first applied for your job? Read more about the latest and much more.

Happy reading 🙂


General news

Social media and the Olympics 2012 – why is it important?

Infographic time! The evolution of the job application

77% of CEO’s think marketers don’t really talk about what matters – sales!

Do you use social media while you watch TV?

Three must-try Google+ features!

Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter recruitment – what works best?

Leverage location data for better mobile ads!

Timing, timing, timing! Optimize your Facebook posts.

Three big trends to watch out for in social media

12.1% increase in internet ads in Q1!

Facebook increase number of ads – good or bad move?

Toni & Guy get in trouble for promotional tweets

What if you could get rewarded for running on Facebook?

Facebook Olympics partnership with NBC – looking good…

Find out who actually reads your Facebook posts

New Facebook events – view them on a calendar!

Natwest fails to understand the point of Twitter!

Smart car turns Facebook photo gallery into a flipbook story – check it out here!

Taco Bell Vs Old Spice – this will make you smile…

Nisan offer free rides via Twitter

One to watch… 

Lady Gaga fan? Check out the new network ‘Little Monsters’!

This week’s awesome case study

What ‘small’ businesses can learn from ‘big’ businesses.

This week’s must bookmark site

Nine top tips for brands on Pinterest 🙂

Quote of the week

Timeline for Pages is a boon to consumers and, while it might not seem so at first, a boon to the brands trying to reach them.”

–Ryan Holmes, CEO of HootSuite, writing in Fortune at CNNMoney


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