Social media update: 01/07/2012

1 Jul

Hi all,

Take a look at the latest in social media in this week’s update! Google+ celebrated it’s first birthday, Facebook may launch a new ‘want’ button and Oreo’s new campaign sparks an interesting debate. Find out more below!

Happy reading 🙂


General news Domino’s app for football lovers

What type of social media user are you?

What are the goals of community management? Find out here!

Philips’ AR mugs – check them out!

Facebook forces branded emails – details here.

Nissan to rev up Facebook marketing this year!

New to Instagram? Check out these top tips!

Facebook’s ‘Find Friends Nearby’ feature pulled.

Customer services on social media – makes or breaks your brand.

Three user generated campaigns that got it right!

45% of consumers would opt-in to mobile marketing.

Wonder why your Facebook posts don’t get any comments?

Google+ adds events for 150m monthly users!

So which industries are best at Facebook engagement?

Google+ is one year old – happy birthday!

You’re 37% more likely to date someone if you have a FB friend in common!

Twitter won’t share with LinkedIn anymore L

New Facebook ‘Want’ coming soon!

Oreo’s new Facebook campaign sparks fierce debate – interesting…

Innocent’s ‘tweet for a seat’ campaign.


One to watch…  Twitter’s new features – what do you think?


This week’s awesome case study Ten global brands with the best customer service on Facebook.


This week’s must bookmark site Top ten brands on Google+!


Quote of the week YouTube comments are a potentially fantastic engagement point that is unfortunately the most common go-to example for trolls. … It’s a loss of an amazing opportunity.”

–Justin Isaf, Huffington Post community manager, as quoted by



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