Social media update: 22/06/2012

22 Jun

Hi all,

In this week’s update Twitter launches a new ‘no replies’ feature, Nike’s Twitter campaign is banned due to lack of transparency, and teens actually prefer Tumblr and Foursquare not Facebook.  Find out what else has been going on this week – now!

Happy reading 🙂


General news Twitter wants businesses to tweet about how they use Twitter – win £1kin free advertising!Febreze thanks Facebook fanswith 1 million thanks!Do you know what customers are saying on social media about you?

Facebook finally adds comment editing!

Google+ vs Facebook – what’s best for you?

Oh dear – LinkedIn are in trouble…

Twitter introduces ‘no replies’! Now you’ll only see actual tweets 🙂

How to get more interactions on Facebook!

Be prepared for any social media crisis – find out how, now.

Nike’s Twitter campaign not transparent enough – find out why it was banned.

Facebook + TV = Yap.TV

7 Pinterest tips for B2B

Do you respond in 4 minutes on social media?

Question – students prefer Facebook for a) entertainment or b) offers or discounts?

Do you think Google+ will succeed?

New Google+ cover pics!

Important points to know about Facebook advertising!

Highest engagement on Facebook on Tuesdays!

Teens like Tumblr and Foursquare rather than Facebook!

One to watch…  Want to know where to go out this weekend? Ask Timista!Ringbow – new technology for touch devices.
This week’s awesome case study 42%of Smartphone owners go online to check prices in-store.Facebook visitors dropped in May – what does this mean?!
This week’s must bookmark site Have you seen the Olympic Facebook portal?
Quote of the week The reality of the world we live in now is that friction between time and space has been obliterated.”Dick Costolo, CEO of Twitter, as quoted by Adweek

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