Social media update: 11_02_2012

11 Feb

Afternoon All,

In this week’s social media update find out which brand is most popular on Google+, why Twitter have competition from another social network, and an interesting story involving a laptop, a gun and a Facebook post!

If you haven’t already – please don’t forget to join us on Google+!

Happy reading 🙂


General news Find out how to get more out of your Facebook fans!

Donation street party, the social media way…

Have you seen Foster’s Facebook Timeline app?

Diane von Furstenberg shows live behind-the-scenes video on Facebook!

Anyone remember Path? Find out about the latest privacy concerns.

Why Facebook ‘Likes’ don’t necessarily mean brand loyalty.

Here’s something to make you giggle – how to be funny in 140 characters.

Who is the most popular on Google+ and does this have anything to do with David Beckham?

Pinterest is getting bigger! Have you signed up yet?

Are adults or teens more active on Facebook? Find out here.

Dad shoots his daughter’s laptop over Facebook post – extreme?

One to watch…  Starbucks makes Valentine’s Day an augmented reality – find out how.
This week’s awesome case study An interesting Valentine’s Twitter campaign by Kraft Macaroni & Cheese
This week’s must bookmark site Lady Gaga’s new Little Monsters social media network – have you joined?

Are you a film fan? Here are some top social sites for you!

Quote of the week Real friends do more than punch the ‘like’ key on your status updates. Real friends … babysit your cats.”

Blogger Cindy La Ferle, as quoted by


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