Social media update: 22/01/2012

22 Jan


Good morning!

Another week has passed and we’ve had some exciting movements in the social media world! This week – if you’re a fan of David Beckham, find out about his Google+ hangout, check out Top Gear on Facebook and help them blow something up, and find out about what other brands are up to in social media.

Happy reading 🙂


General news Google search integrates Google+ into your search results. Find out more here!

Facebook grew seven users per second last year – here’s an infographic all about it 🙂

Will you vote for your fave KitKat flavour on Facebook?

What are the top social media trends to watch out for? Click here to find out.

Have you ‘liked’ the Channel 4 series Skins on Facebook?

Find out how to optimise your Twitter and watch your followers increase!

Do we have any fans of The Opera Tavern here? Watch out for their secret burger!

Check out these top three Google+ pages and find out why they work so well!

Are you confused about SOPA? Watch this and find out all about it!

Doritos’ Super Bowl ads will be voted for on Facebook – which one has your vote?

How to avoid being banned on social media – don’t miss this!

Find out what Mr Zuckerberg has to say about SOPA

Exciting new timeline apps for Facebook 🙂

Have you heard about the Nike+ FuelBand exercise monitor?

David Beckham’s first Google+ Hangout – check it out here!!

One to watch…  This week’s top YouTube videos – which is your fave?
This week’s awesome case study Here are nine great successful social media case studies!
This week’s must bookmark site Here are the top six social media monitoring platforms to watch out for!
Quote of the week In this age of Internet and transparency, if you want to be credible, you have to let go of control and empower the people.”

Tommy Sollen of VisitSweden, as quoted by Reuters


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