Social media update: 15/01/2012

15 Jan

Afternoon All,

Here is this week’s exciting social media update. Find out about the latest developments on Facebook and Google+ and check out some new social media campaigns! Read on to find out more…

Happy reading 🙂


General news Want to understand Facebook Insights better?

Can you guess who the top 15 brands were on Twitter for 2011?

The Olympics are limiting Facebook use! Find out more here.

Do you turn to social media first for customer service?

Highest growth acceleration – Twitter or Google+?

Have you seen Cadbury’s new chocolate launch on Google+?

Do you want social media comments in your searches?

Facebook to hit 1 billion users in August this year?!

First live theatre performance on Facebook – click here to find out more.

Have your final status update on Facebook at the ready…

Levi use Instagram for their new campaign. Find out how, now!

Volkswagen Singapore brings you an interactive press ad. What do you think?

If you haven’t seen this already –check out this excellent anti-drugFacebook campaign!

One to watch…  If you’re not on Google+ already – here are some simple steps to help.

Something to entertain you this afternoon 🙂

This week’s awesome case study Find out who the top 10 news organizations are on Google+!
This week’s must bookmark site If you like Tumblr – you’ll love Pinterest!
Quote of the week Unless you already have a brand with an extreme loyal following, no one cares about you.”

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