Social media update: 19/11/2011

19 Nov

Afternoon All,

Are you ready for this week’s social media update? Well here we go! This week Virgin launch something new on Facebook and Twitter, Google+ pages for brands recruit 61% of the worlds largest brands, Heinz have a technical glitch on Facebook, and lots more…

Happy reading 🙂


General news  Virgin app lets you discover your ‘First times’ with friends…

An infographic on how to increase your Klout!

Why do people follow brands on Facebook?

How to be funny on social media, without any backlash.

Call your Facebook friends from Skype. Will you have a go?

Google+ is now available on Hootsuite!

What do you think about newspapers on Twitter?

First we had the @GuradianTagBot and now we have @VAAInfo to update you about your flight status – what will be next?

Facebook vs Twitter – find out which brands are doing best on these channels.

This is interesting – Citroen driver to be guided by user-generated tweets.

Heinz have a technical glitch on Facebook – ketchup anyone?

A lovely infographic about the average Facebook user.

Tesco try out AR – find out more here!

No lie – this device will let you know what your tweet smells like. Weird.

61% of the top brands are already on Google+ Pages!


One to watch…  Just in case you may have missed it – try out
This week’s awesome case study Mini web show on Facebook – sounds like fun!
This week’s must bookmark site Whether you like Magnum or not – you must have a go at this!

Ultimate Vodka give your life a social audit – have a go!

Quote of the week It’s never a good idea to start promoting something before it’s truly ‘ready,’ whether it’s a new blog, a new campaign, or a new social presence.” Pamela Vaughan, writing at

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