Social media update: 15/10/2011

15 Oct

Afternoon All,

As we all know, Facebook like to cause a bit of a stir and this week their new ‘People Talking About’ metric is becoming a lot clearer.  Take a look and find out what this means for your brands, along with new social media campaigns launched this week and entertaining videos!

Happy reading 🙂


General news Leave a voicemail and find out how to stop broadcasting what your reading on Facebook!

No more Weetabix child ambassador as a result of new guidelines. Read more here.

Walmart & Facebook offer local ads – when will this come to the UK?

Barcardi on Facebook – Bombay Sapphire to reach global audience.

Ebay & Facebook bring you a ‘more social’ shopping experience!

The new ‘People Talking About’ metric – is your Facebook Page doing well or not?

Following on from the last point – this is how brands are ranked and re-ranked!

It’s not all just about Facebook – what about video?

So who has a Blackberry? Anyone experience problems?

Twitter has lost market shares in the UK – what does this mean?


One to watch…  Get your Golden Ticket from Lipsy on Facebook! (Sorry guys, this one’s for the ladies..)

Have a go at Audi’s first interactive YouTube driving video!


This week’s awesome case study Brilliant examples of multichannel innovation. Take a look here.
This week’s must bookmark site Kern me! That’s what this site is all about…
Quote of the week Your corporate convenience is not the prism through which you should be gazing upon social business.”

Jay Baer, social media consultant, writing at Convince & Convert


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