Social Media update: 09/09/2011 & 16/09/2011

17 Sep

Hello All,

As I missed last week, this week is a social media double whammy!

Here is last week’s social media update!  There has been lots of fun and games with Foursqaure, interesting Facebook campaigns and some great tips on how to make the most of your Facebook Page.  Take a look and find out what’s been happening.


General news Make online payments using your webcam? Check it out here!

Adverts on Twitter – coming to you in October! Excited?

Remember to roll your mouse over this video..

Anyone fancy a game of Foursquaropoly?

A social media growth infographic to blow your mind!

An interesting Facebook campaign allowing shoppers to reduce supermarket prices by FB!

This is a must see campaign by Ariel – bringing Facebook & real life together…

Some interesting facts about Twitter -where have the last five years gone?

BA are following Spam and airing their teaser ad on Facebook!

Top 10 most viral ads apparently – agree?

A very cool mirror!

One to watch…  How to get noticed on Facebook – this is a must see!
This week’s awesome case study Top ten small business Facebook pages – take a look at the winners..
This week’s must bookmark site Find out what happened on your Facebook Profile back in time…
Quote of the week Our interest isn’t in getting people to create tabs where people can shop but allowing consumers to shop wherever they are.”

–David Fisch, director of business development at Facebook, as quoted by GigaOm

In this week’s social media update, we have lots of exciting news – as usual! Facebook has a new subscribe feature, Mark Zuckerberg is the most popular user of Google+ and there are lots of exciting new digital campaigns to investigate.

Happy reading 🙂


General news No more email notifications from Facebook? Yes please!

Facebook comes out as number one in Nielson Social Media Report!

Have you seen the sponsored stories on Facebook?

Tumblr hits 10 billionth post! Have you been on there yet?

Any Angry Birds fans? Do you agree with this infographic?

This is what you need to know to defend your digital reputation

An infographic all about airlines & Twitter – interesting…

Here’s some great digital campaign examples – which is your favourite?

Facebook asks you to subscribe to feeds – what do you think about that?

Literary fakes for you to follow on Twitter.

Mark Zuckerberg is one of the Top 5 on Google+!

How addicted are you to Angry Birds?

This week’s latest developments in social media – Google Offers is the way forward!

Facebook are up-ing their game against Google+ by creating Friend Lists.

One to watch…  Play a Glass Piano on YouTube!

No this is what I call a viral!

This week’s awesome case study 13 iPhone Apps that enhance their company’s products – which is your favourite?

Consumer behaviour on Facebook – this is a must see!

This week’s must bookmark site Coca-Cola & Maybelline are just two great examples of creative Facebook contests. Find out more here.

Find out what’s buzzing on TV & at the movies – perfect!

Quote of the week  

Twitter sees something like 200 million tweets a day, but I bet I can’t even read 1,000 a day. There’s a waterfall of content that you’re missing out on.”

Steve Chen, co-founder of YouTube, as quoted by The New York Times


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