Social media update: 27/8/2011

27 Aug


Hello All,

It’s that time of week again. In this week’s social media update find out about Twitters new image gallery, what’s happened after the riots and some interesting campaigns from Spam, Orangina and Ford.

Happy reading 🙂


General news Ford uses Twitter to engage 16-32 year olds – take a look at what its about.

You may have seen this already – Twitter have an image gallery!

No ban for rioters on Facebook – what do you think?

Remember Orangina? They have new app to show you your original friends…

Interesting approach to consumer feedback by Unilever.

Ikea have a new interactive YouTube channel. Have a go!

The first QR movie trailer available here!

Find out what’s ‘coming soon’ to Facebook

This is what social media managers want to see on Google+ brand accounts. Agree?

Westfields launches new Facebook campaign. Find out more here 🙂

Spam hasn’t released a TV ad in the UK for 7 years! They unveil their new ad on Facebook…

Ticketmaster tells you where your FB friends are sitting – what’s next?

One to watch…  Some very interesting interactive billboards. Which one’s your favourite?
This week’s awesome case study Coca-Cola let you create your own drink on Facebook!
This week’s must bookmark site Social Plus – a new integrating tool which includes Google+!
Quote of the week Facebook Credits may seem like uncharted territory, but that also means there’s a wealth of opportunity.”

John Corpus, founder and CEO of Milyoni, writing at Mashable


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