Social media update: 20/08/2011

20 Aug

Afternoon All,

A lot has happened over the last fortnight in social media! Find out what Madonna is doing with Smirnoff, watch the FA cup on Facebook yesterday and find out who you Facebook stalk the most.

Have a look at what’s new this week.

Happy reading 🙂


General news Any Ascot United & Wembley football fans? You can watch the game live on Facebook tonight!Madonna’s new Smirnoff campaign on Facebook.

Ford US launches a Facebook-based mileage challenge for free gas!

Cadbury’s fan? Check out this AR ‘Spot’ V ‘Stripe’ game.

Fancy a movie? How about ‘The Big Lebowski’ on Facebook?

Find out who you first ever connected with on Facebook courtesy of Orangina International.

If you want to know who you search for the most on Facebook – take a look at this!

Have you seen the new L’Oreal Men Expert Facebook campaign?

If you’d like to share a YouTube video with friends – share it with friends in a Google+ hangout!

It’s infographic time – TwitterLand stats.

Is this getting out of hand? Arrested for planning a water fight on FB & BBM.

Some useful Facebook marketing strategies J

One to watch…  Have you seen the ‘Go Forth’ Levi’s campaign? Riot ad was pulled from UK.Bringing social media to your email.
This week’s awesome case study Coca-Cola’s geolocation incident.
This week’s must bookmark site This is a plugin which is music to your ears…
Quote of the week At its best, social media campaigns are intricate, daring, transgressive acts with the potential for a huge payoff – or a huge disaster.”Jesse Stanchak, writing in SmartBrief’s SmartBlog on Social Media

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