Social media update: 06/08/2011

6 Aug

Afternoon All ,

In this week’s social media update we have a great social media campaign by KLM, Virgin America starts an exciting Twitter competition and Facebook lets you tell the world that you have a new addition coming soon to your family! Have a look at what else has been happening – happy reading 🙂


General news Google+ brings YouTube live video viewing to hangouts – send through your email address to me if you’re not already signed up!

Germany ‘dislike’ Facebook’s Facial Recognition feature.

Mark Zuckberg’s sister leaves Facebook!

Say goodbye to old Twitter and hello to the new!

Virgin America offers a chance to win a free flight with #FlyThe Beard on Twitter!

Google help you find a hotel! When will this be coming over to the UK?

Infographic anyone? Take a look at a history of Facebook photos.

Facebook scavenger hunt to win a shopping spree – sorry US only L

How not to use your QR code.

Facebook lets you add ‘Expected: Child’ if you’re pregnant – happy days!

Fancy designing a club for Heineken anyone? Find out more here

Anyone staying at Holiday Inn? Why not leave your story on Facebook?

One to watch…  This will make you laugh: 20 most-shared videos ads

Very funny ‘iPad head girl’ viral!

This week’s awesome case study KLM use social media to treat their passengers – very cool or kinda creepy?
This week’s must bookmark site Klout includes Foursqaure – so add your account and see how far your score goes.
Quote of the week The one consistent element of successful viral videos is that they are outrageous: outrageously funny, outrageously dangerous, outrageously beautiful or even outrageously educational.”

Jeff Rosenblum, founding partner of Questus, writing in Advertising Age


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