Social media update: 23/07/2011

23 Jul


There has been a lot going on with Facebook and we have lots of interesting infographics for you this week.   Take a look and see what has been going on…

Happy reading


General news Four year old saved thanks to Facebook? Find out more here.

The Beckham’s say hello to their new baby girl and FB her pics 🙂

Are you annoyed with Facebook’s new sidebar chat!

Any Arsenal fans? Find out why Gervinho caused a stir on Twitter

As if Google+ wasn’t enough – AnonPlus is another social network to watch out for!

Here’s a way to transfer your Facebook friends over to Google+!

Share your online presence with a QR code!

Why social media? This infographic reveals all.

Facebook are keeping up with their competition – Google+. They’ve introduced social hangouts.

Engaging social media for your brand. It’s infographic time!

Verified celeb accounts on Google+ available soon!

The new Dark Knight trailer is out on Facebook!

One to watch…  A possible competitor for Twitter?

The history of mobile phones. Can you remember your first mobile?

This week’s awesome case study Some great social media food truck campaigns – yum!
This week’s must bookmark site Just in case you missed this – what’s your best score?
Quote of the week If social media marketing isn’t driving revenue, then it isn’t worth participating in.”

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