Social media update: 08/07/2011

10 Jul

Afternoon All

It’s been another exciting week in social media world – as usual! You can now Skype via Facebook, Versace can’t handle criticism and Justin Timberlake has some exciting plans for MySpace.

Check out all the great stuff that’s been going on below 🙂


General news You MUST have heard about the ‘Obama is dead’ tweet!

The DM function changes on Twitter – great change for brands. Find out more here...

Why you shouldn’t connect Tweet your FB status. It’s about the right etiquette.

A great lesson to be learnt from Versace’s Facebook!

Facebook hits 750 million users!

Is it always about Klout? What do you think?

No more partying in Germany! Well not via Facebook

You can now Skype on Facebook – find out how here.

Facebook music service called Vibes is coming our way!

Mr JT is turning MySpace into a talent show?

Google and Facebook fight it out over ‘image tagging’ patent!

Mark Zuckerberg is a top user on Google +. We want to know when we will get a turn!

Get your very own Facebook – book!

Google+ not ready for brands? Where does that leave us?

So why do we follow brands on Facebook? Here’s another infographic to explain all…

One to watch…  You can do your shopping while waiting for the train…

AMAZING QR code tattoo!

This week’s awesome case study Some great Twitter campaigns to learn from. Which is your favourite?
This week’s must bookmark site This one is for the ladies – a twitter style newsfeed for shopping!

And this is for the guys – the worlds biggest Pacman!

Quote of the week While Google has gotten by largely without social signals from Facebook, having its own data from Google+ gives it insulation if it now has to get by without Twitter signals, as well.”

Danny Sullivan, search expert, writing at Search Engine Land


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