Social media update: 01/07/2011

2 Jul

Afternoon All

A lot had been happening in the world of social media this week. Google have launched a rival to Facebook called Google +, MySpace has been bought by Justin Timberlake and the Pope sent his first tweet this week!

Check out all the excitement below 🙂


General news Google has launched its answer to Facebook – Google +! It’s even ready with an iPhone app!

Olympic athletes are given the OK to tweet during the competition!

If you didn’t know about this already – you can make your own Facebookbook 🙂

Justin Timberlake buys MySpace! Should be interesting to see where it goes from here…

200 million tweets on Twitter per day – wow!

Let’s welcome the Pope to Twitter!

Importance of social media on smartphones – do you agree?

Facebook is now the second-most popular website after Google.

You can now comment on FB ads. Will you be voicing your opinions?

It’s all about your Klout – or is it?

Twitter for Newsrooms. Isn’t that what it already is?

Top five secure social networks – includes Facebook, MySpace and Bebo.

65% of users use iPhone aps – what does this mean for social?

Purchase tickets on Facebook for new Transformers. Have you seen it yet?

How has social media changed your life?

Infographic time! The journey of a FB photo.

Here are some great examples of how not to tweet…

One to watch…  Monsters answer to LinkedIn – Beknown.
This week’s awesome case study Five innovative campaigns that we can learn from – which is your favourite?
This week’s must bookmark site Have you had a go on moodshare?

New Look bring us ‘NL Daily’ – social network site.

Quote of the week In real life, we have walls and windows and I can speak to you knowing who’s in the room, but in the online world, you get to a ‘Share’ box and you share with the whole world. We have a different model.”

–Bradley Horowitz, vice president for product management at Google, as quoted by The New York Times


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