Social media update: 26/06/2011

26 Jun

Afternoon All

It’s that time of week again  – social media update time! This week email celebrates it’s 40th birthday, grandparents do use social media and get yourself some free food from Domino’s by checking in!

Happy reading!


General news According to LinkedIn – men are more savvy networkers than women! Agreed?

We’ve had 40 years of email – woohoo!

Domino’s offers you free food when you check-in – you can try this out yourself J

10 million users on Foursquare?! Are you on there too?

Is your granny on Facebook?

Amazing – you can go on Facebook and appear to be in Excel!

Where are all the social network users?

We’ve heard it all now – a man updates Facebook status during police standoff!

Get rewarded for your Klout on Facebook – Audi USA have used it, find out more.

Competitors for Facebook and Twitter – is this what’s next?

One to watch…  Heard about Rockmelt? It’s an alternative web browser. Go on, give it a go..

You can see your face in a music video! What’s next?

This week’s awesome case study Expedia reaches more than 1million Facebook fans. Find out how here.

Jay Z decoded – do you remember this?

This week’s must bookmark site A new social media monitoring platform – Buzz Engage.

Some very cool infographics – which is your favourite?

Quote of the week Why spend millions on advertising, promotions and product placements when the most effective marketing can come from consumers themselves through word of mouth?”

–Malcolm Faulds, senior vice president of marketing at BzzAgent, writing in Advertising Age


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