Social media update: 10/06/2011 & 17/06/2011

18 Jun

Afternoon All

This week we have two lots of social media updates including last weeks.

In last week’s social media update Facebook caused a stir with their new facial recognition technology, Twitter finally implemented an auto link shortening feature and take a look at some top tips for Facebook by myself and other professionals.


General news How do you feel about Facebook’s facial recognition feature?

Google to let you know how late your bus is. We want to know when this is coming to the UK!

If you’re looking for inspiration for a tattoo – why not use your FB friends?

A bit late on this one – but Twitter now offer link shortening!

Some great tips on how to be a successful brand on Twitter.

The Sims are coming to Facebook. Will you be playing?

LinkedIn has a game to play – it’s Tetris!

You can win tickets to watch ‘Super 8’ on Foursquare – happy days.

Facebook app for if you die. Anything’s possible…

Top tips for using Facebook by yours truly and other professionals 🙂

Check out this very cool True Blood Facebook app – amazing!

One to watch…  This will transform your CV into an infographic… no, seriously!
This week’s awesome case study Six great examples of social media campaigns to learn from.
This week’s must bookmark site You can now create your own album with this site!
Quote of the week If you want your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad to become an instantly social device, use Twitter, so sayeth the almighty Apple. Never before has Twitter’s value proposition sounded so simple.”

Jennifer Van Grove, writing at Mashable

In this week’s social media update M&S bring something special to Facebook for Father’s day, Duncan Bannatyne has been having a hard time and Lady Gaga and 50 cent bring you!


General news Duncan Bannatyne has been going through a hard time and Tweeting all about it.

Just in case you haven’t heard about it already – this is how it could go all wrong with a single tweet!

Don’t forget- it’s Father’s day this Sunday! M&S have set up a store especially on Facebook.

Oh dear – this is a great guide on what not to do on social media.

Is this true for you? Do you not know 7% of your FB friends?

You’ll be able to transfer info from one device to another by taking a pic!

Facebook explains all as to why their UK & US user stats are falling.

You can now search on Google by voice!

Klout is not available on LinkedIn!

If 91% of brand conversations are offline, then when is the social?

Everloop – the children’s social network. Do you think this will get as big as Facebook?

One to watch…  There’s a great new iPhone app called Photogram which lets you send through mobile photos like a postcard! Take a look at how you can make ‘toast’.

This week’s awesome case study Here are a whole range of social media policies for you – enjoy!
This week’s must bookmark site If you love to shop, this is one to watch – take a look at people making live transactions online!
Quote of the week Followers can detect in a heartbeat when you’re not genuine.”

Heidi Cohen, principal at Riverside Marketing Strategies, writing inSmartBrief’s SmartBlog on Social Media

If you have any other suggestions on would like to make any comments, please feel free to do so!



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