Social media update: 3/06/2011

4 Jun

Afternoon All

There’s plenty to keep you entertained in this week’s social media update. We have a milktastic game, a tweeting fridge and some infographics!

Happy reading! 🙂


General news First Twitter acquired TweetDeck and now they have launched their own photo sharing service – what’s next?

Messi’s Facebook page reaches 7 million in 7 hours!

Upload your audition to Strepsils Facebook campaign.

Men’s Health and Women’s Health are looking for the fittest bodies onFacebook!

Infographic time! Does Facebook hurt relationships?

700 million worldwide users on Facebook!

Twitter has a follow button to make it easier for you to follow.

Just in case you missed this one – it’s all about you.

Here’s a way to get people to read!

Linkedin are also launching a new button – a job application button!

One to watch…  Another Tipp-ex style advert… in another language – what do you think about this? (Try football!)

tweeting fridge?..

Digital life: today and tomorrow J

This week’s awesome case study Here are some examples of how brands have rewarded their Facebook fans.
This week’s must bookmark site For those of you who haven’t had a go at this milktastic Green Lantern game – check this out!
Quote of the week A commercial or ad without the Twitter logo looks conspicuous these days as compared to just a year ago where only the ‘cool kids’ were showing off their social media chops.”

Frank Reed, writing at Marketing Pilgrim

Have a great weekend!



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