Social media update:13/5/2011

14 May

Afternoon All

So Taliban are now on twitter, Facebook have been paying a PR company to smear Google and Lady Gaga has joined Farmville with Gagaville! It’s all happening in this week’s social media update.

Happy reading! 🙂


General news Confused about what social media channel to use? Check this out!

Don’t miss this – Best practice guide by Facebook!

Skype goes to Microsoft for $8.5 BILLION!

Do teens like Foursquare and Facebook Places? 58% say they don’t see any value using them! What do you think?

Facebook and Google are having some trouble…

7.5 million user on Facebook in the USA are under 13 yrs. What are they going to do about it?

Moving forward – are we thinking about limiting our online friends? Maybe Path is the answer…

What do you think about the new Honda Civic ad? Twitter fans say no!

Lady Gaga’s answer to Farmville – Gagaville!

Mum please come off Facebook…

Fantastic Facebook app transforms your Facebook life into a real life book – aww.

The Taliban are now on twitter! Watch out – they might be following you!

One to watch…  Want to know the best pick-up line? Or maybe you want to know how to become a photographer? Whatever it may be Skyara brings the fun to you – a chance to share your experiences (San Francisco only).
This week’s awesome case study Why so serious? Fantastic old-school case study. Be prepared for some freaky images!
This week’s must bookmark site Heard of Dragon’s Den? This is the online version to get you discovered!
Quote of the week With social media, you must show up regularly and participate. Social media interaction requires real people representing your firm with a human voice.

Heidi Cohen, President at Riverside Marketing Strategies


If there is anything I can add, please let me know.

Have a great weekend!



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