Social media update: 6/5/2011

8 May

In this week’s social media update we have the latest about all the malware scams on facebook, Osama beating the world record tweets and Sony’s mistake.

Happy reading!


General news There have been a lot of facebook scams out lately from Osama Bin Ladento how cute your baby will be  and mother’s day scams – watch out!

This is something to giggle about this afternoon – Osama/ Obama gaffes.

Osama sets twitter record! Find out about the social media activity here. He’s even been tweeting from beyond the grave!

Twitter doesn’t care about AV referendum apparently…

Twitter has finally acquired TweetDeck – good or bad?

Sony admits that 24.6 million user accounts have been compromised. Not a good week for them.

Bin Laden vs the royal wedding – who do you think won?

This might be helpful if you’re looking to improve your clout score.

Warning: this is quite a disturbing story about a dad who posts murder onFacebook.

How Barbie and Ken were reunited by social media – aww.

How embarrassing – a fake Martin Luther Kind Jr. Post goes viral on facebook.

Facebook are going to buy Skype!

One to watch…  A new social media campaign that wants to know what your dog will do for a treat.
This week’s awesome case study FarmVille is taking place in real life!
This week’s must bookmark site Likester tells you what popular Likes are trending – happy days.
Quote of the week Part of our bullishness for Facebook is our belief that it is still in the embryonic stages of advertising.

Lou Kerner, analyst at Wedbush Securities

If there is anything I can add, please let me know.


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