Social media update: 27/4/2011

8 May

I know you’re all itching to know what’s been going on in social media land this week, so let’s take a look! This week Facebook have been sued for $1 (yes it’s not a typo), print ads come to life with QR codes (my favourite) and LinkedIn look at whether you have a professional name.

Happy reading!


General news Look who’s talking – print ads with QR codes. One word – AMAZING!

Would the real Kate Middleton (on Facebook) please stand up?!

Facebook is sued for a whopping $1.00!

The first ever social networking site is closing down L It’s time to say bye toFriendster!

Apparently social media doesn’t impact online retail purchases.

Apple would like to clarify that they are collecting location data, just not yourlocation data.

MySpace is on sale! Any buyers?

YouTube founders have acquired Delicious!

No tweets at Westminster Abbey – you won’t be able to at all.

One to watch…  A new calendar tool may be coming our way in the future.

A very cool Android app which tags faces of friends in photos automatically. No wonder the Android is taking over!

Deals on Facebook are live in the US. Is this the end for Groupon?

This week’s awesome case study Do you have a ‘professional name’? Check out what LinkedIn have to say.
This week’s must bookmark site You can create a story from all your social media activity and share it with your friends. You can even use it for work!
Quote of the week I see the social media strategist role headed in two possible directions: seamless integration within existing functional areas and the emergence of an executive-level social media role.

Mario Sundar, LinkedIn’s staff social media expert

If there is anything I can add, please let me know.


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