Social media update: 8/4/2011

9 Apr

Hello all

In this week’s social media update we have some great YouTube interactive ads, the latest on some imaginative use of social media involving flights and music and changes happening in Twitter land.

Happy reading!


General news Twitter is getting a Facebook makeover!

You can now check-in to events on Facebook – happy times.

Now you can discover brands on Foursquare in a much easier way. Thanks Foursquare!

Did you know that 93% of all b2b use social media marketing? Find out more here.

Now you can send out geo-relevant ads on Twitter.

The Mortal Kombat YouTube series goes live on April 10th.

Flair magazine in Belgium lets you tag your clothes on Facebook.

Leo Messi – FC Barcelona = 7 million ‘likes’ in 7 hours!

150 subscriptions in 5 hours for a flight from Amsterdam to Miami – all thanks toTwitter and KLM.

63% of UK consumers use mobile commerce for shopping.  What else is it used for?

This is an AWESOME interactive ad for Desperados on YouTube – enjoy!

NASA is also on Twitter and invites you to join them.

Social media isn’t always the best choice – Rick Scott learned the hard way.

Just for fun – here’s some self-portraits on the iPad.

One to watch… Now you can remember everything thanks to Evernote.
This week’s awesome case study A short history about Stumble Upon.

Want to know who got it wrong on Twitter?

This week’s must bookmark site Have a bit of fun with this site – you can play your all time favourite computer games.
Quote of the week “With search, advertisers can match their ads to user intent. With Facebook, advertisers match their ads to user interests. It’s like fishing.”

Dave Williams, CEO of Blinq Media (The Wall Street Journal)


If there is anything that you would like me to add, please let me know.


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