Social media update: 1/4/2011

3 Apr

There’s so much going on this week in the world of social media!  This week’s social media update is full of very exciting news including Jackie Chan’s death hoax, Lady Gaga’s birthday and a new ‘twitter mirror’.

I’ve also added an extra section with a ‘quote of the week’ from the social media world – hope this helps.

Happy reading!


General news Its April Fools’ Day everyone! Jackie Chan Dead Hoax: Trends on Twitter.

‘The Diary of Facebook’ with MTV was on this Wednesday. Catch a glimpse here.

Lady Gaga’s birthday was this week and she’s hit 9 million followers – wow!

Google has released a Facebook ‘Like’ rival. Introducing ‘+1’ J

Have you heard of Ashley Boo?

The days of mobile payments will soon be upon us.

It’s about time we got something to stop those embarrassing tweeting mistakes.

For the 2012 Olympic Games, it looks like we have Wi-Fi connection on the underground!

Twitter isn’t as social as we think it is – find out why.

Do you know what your social media fans are worth?

You can now get free dog food at a Foursquare billboard – what other campaigns will come about from this?

Mac & Cheese turning tweets into ads – this one is great!

Ladies – is this really how we feel about Facebook friends?

Have you heard about the Westfield shopping centre tweet mirror?

Carlsberg have a new mobile app which challenges you!

Now you can text and tweet via SMS from Facebook!

Chevrolet to launch the new Malibu via Facebook on April 18th!

One to watch… It is time for Angry Birds: The Movie

Crazy Skittles are taking over!

Now you can keep your notes with you everywhere – on your mobile, at home or at work J

This week’s awesome case study Take a look at McDonald’s use of social media.

P&G and their new campaign.

This week’s must bookmark site Warner Bros are brining you movie rentals – find out more about their partnership with Facebook.

If you haven’t heard about it already, check out Spotify Social.

Quote of the week “Certainly, platforms are largely what we make of them. But separating the Twitter hype from the Twitter reality is increasingly important as brands invest more heavily in social media.”

Patricio Robles, Technical Reporter at Econsultancy

If there is anything I can add, please let me know.


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