Social media update: 4/3/11

5 Mar


General news Pharmacy vending machines may be coming to your street soon!

As you may know the new iPad 2 is out now! Here’s a little about the spec and why it’s so special.

Soon we’ll be able to try on clothes without having to go to a changing room. Imagine that!

There may be no more need for a company website as everything will be on facebook – agree?

Have you heard about ‘Crimebook’? Three teenagers were jailed as a result of credit card crime.

Have you heard about the new facebook comments?

Lucozade have teamed up with Spotify to give consumers a chance to win free premium service.  So if you’re a Spotify fan – get yourself some Lucozade now!

If you want to advertise effectively on Facebook here is all you need to know.

Do you want to know how well your friends know you? There’s an app for that!

One to watch… iPlayer are coming out with an app later this year.  Would you like to sign up for a monthly fee?

And here’s one for creative’s – a copytest app..

This week’s awesome case study Do we have any Toy Story fans? This is a story about how social media helped Toy Story 3 win at the box office and the Oscars!
This week’s must bookmark site If you are a fan of Spotify then you will love this site. Unlimited music in one place – enjoy J

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