Social media update: 25/2/11

26 Feb


General news If you enjoyed the Tipp-Ex advert with the ‘hunter shoots a bear’, this is another great example of interactive advertising – brilliant! 

You will now be able to vote for your favourites on American Idol via Facebook!  Will UK shows such as X-factor use this method too?

How far around the world are your contacts?  Facebook friends are on Google Maps so you can see where you are reaching out to.

Social media is bringing people together and isn’t isolating them.  It’s just another tool to keep you in touch with the ones you love or care about J

Need a taxi? There’s an app for that which can find your location via GPS and also automatically charges to your card!

This is a little embarrassing isn’t it Sarah Palin?

One to watch… Are business cards or their way out?  It may be time to move to Hashable.  This is an app which will let you know who is meeting who in real-time.
This week’s awesome case study This is a fantastic example of how to create buzz and excitement about a brand, using a fusion of techniques to get people involved online and offline.  This is just the start, imagine the possibilities.
This week’s must bookmark site This is a bit of fun and quite interesting.  Some say that the more symmetrical your face is, the more beautiful you are. Here’s your chance to see how symmetrical your face is and chose which is your best side J

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