Social media update: 4/2/11

12 Feb


General news We all know about the terrible riots taking place in Egypt – but this hasn’t deterred Google and Twitter from developing a technology which gives ‘power to the people’ without the need of internet! Yes – amazing! 

And following on, Twitter are proud to allow ‘freedom of speech’. Here’s what they have to say about the Event’s taking place.

Angry Birds have made it BIG! They are now due to star in their very own advert J

Are we wasting our money on FB adds? According to reports, the ‘average click-through rate on Facebook was 0.063%’

Just in case you busy folk have forgotten, Valentines day is not far now.  If you have a geek to buy for, take a look at this.

If you don’t have Facebook already – you should! Here are some rules about what you should and shouldn’t do in order to be successful

One to watch… This is a great new app that is coming out on Monday!  Now you can let everyone know about the TV program you’re watching without having to write it down – an exciting new technology you MUST read about!
This week’s awesome case study For all of you FourSquare fans, they have reached their 6,000,000th user! What has this done for businesses such as Wendys?
This week’s must bookmark site As this is a Social Media update, it’s only fair that we put in a blog about SM.The latest blog is about tweeting/ using social media and whether we should use a picture or a person or a logo. What do you think?

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