Social media update: 28/1/11

12 Feb


General news Imagine being tagged in a photo on Facebook that you didn’t upload or tag yourself in; well it happens a lot doesn’t it? But what would you do if you found yourself in jail for 50 days as a result?! This is a true story, so keep an eye on your tagged pics!! 

Forgotten the milk?  Well soon you won’t have to worry.

Amazon have launched a new online supermarket service in Seattle, USA where delivery is FREE! What we want to know is – when are they bringing it over here?!

Ever wondered when the first email was sent? Did you know that the computers were right next to each other? It’s truly AMAZING to see how far social media has come over the years.  This is a must read… may even run a quiz on this J

A great social media channel which lets you see what movies are recommended by tweets called fflick, has been acquired by Google! It’s worth signing up for fflick too – we can all tweet about our fav movies!

Google are trying out something new ‘Google Cloud Print’.  Yes that’s right! We have the possibility to print coming to a mobile device near you!

One to watch… Instagram – This is a great app for uploading all your pics in one go to FB, Twitter and Flickr.  Available for iPhones and iPads only, you can easily add pics from your mobile to the internet in a matter of time. You can add effects when you upload these pics, pick what location you have taken the pics and make comments.  A fantastic way to get your friends and family to know what you’re doing.  So have a go and have some FUN!
This week’s awesome case study Following on from the latest news about Amazon, we think this would be a great move forward and will probably make supermarkets re-think their online services. It’s a great service, but at the same time, is anything ever really free??
This week’s must bookmark site If you like design, technology, culture and art, this site brings all of that to you in one place.  You can also follow them on twitter etc AND get their app!

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