Social media update: 21/1/11

12 Feb

Every week I put together a social media weekly update which I thought would be useful for anyone else who reads my blog.  So here we go:


General news Ahhh hasn’t he got some stiff competition according to the Metro this morning? Any Banksy fans?Would you like to know who he is? 

And the privacy issues continue – no we don’t want to share our mobile numbers! No more phone and address sharing by Facebook..for now

Loving how the police are using Twitter innovatively. First it was the GMP and now South Perthshire Police: John C: interesting case study for UUK perhaps? Twitter is so great – even the police are getting involved!

One to watch… Diigo – A great bookmarking site which lets you highlight your text and annotate, saves urls and also takes a picture of your page just in case it expires!   It also lets you set up groups to share your work, imports all your bookmarks from Delicious (if you have an account) TAKE A LOOK AND LET US KNOW WHAT YOU THINK J
This week’s awesome case study Yipee it’s about time!! Interesting to see how this will look when it launches at the end of Jan…sure to be lots of other brands who follow suit Online retailer Asos, have launched their Facebook App!
This week’s must bookmark site Want to know the latest interactive marketing news, trends, campaigns?This weeks must bookmark blog is Adverblog

One for the ladies – A one stop gossip site – not Perez Hilton- content for make mine Milk, Blistex or LMS perhaps

One to brighten your afternoon with: Alternate endings on YouTube

I will bring this up to date and post this every Saturday so that you have the latest on the technologies, news and case studies.

Any other requests, please do let me know.


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