Social media update: 11/2/11

12 Feb


General news Everyone likes to get a good deal and now that we can ‘check in’ to various places, it’s only fair to be rewarded for our loyalty.  So now there is a new service offered by Facebook in the USA which does exactly that! 

We’ve all gone Super Bowl crazy! 4,064 tweets per second during the game.Find out who the winners of the adverts were alongside the most discussed celebs!

Has anyone noticed the new photo album style of facebook? Love it or hate it? It’s a great idea for advertising, but isn’t it annoying?

This is something for all the car lovers – a new electric car by Nissan.

A visual search engine for fashion, which tells you what’s ‘trendy’ in which areas and recommends what would best suit you. Love it! This is another one from the US, but it’s really cool! We need one here…

Here’s a thought – Nokia used to be the biggest in mobile phones and since the iPhone hit the market, Nokia have taken a back seat.  The CEO of Nokia isn’t happy. Find out why…

One to watch… First ASOS and now French Connection are joining Facebook at the end of the month! Who will be next?
This week’s awesome case study What happened to Guitar Hero? This article looks into how the best game of the 21st century crashed and burned.
This week’s must bookmark site If you’re a bookworm then this will be a great site to bookmark. It tells you what other books are available by the author or other books with similar titles. 

This is a great blog which keeps you in touch with social advertising campaigns from around the world.


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