Social media update: 22/09/2012

22 Sep

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So this week has been very exciting with the new launch of the iPhone 5 and iOS6. Find out some top tips on how to make the most of your iOS update, how to update your Twitter background and the most recent campaigns.

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General news Shazam TV shows and get more info!

LinkedIn hits 10 million users in UK

Nestle’ GPS-fitted chocolate bar competition – find out more here

Do you understand how gamification works?

How Google+1 button affects your search

Latest developments on Google+

Tips and tricks for iOS6!

Jobs For Friends – could this be LinkedIn’s competitor?

Twitter profile changes – what you need to know!

Just in case you missed it – here are the top ten best things about iOS6! 

Facebook ads can now be bought via your phone – will you use this?

How to unite your Avatar and header image on Twitter

Can you guess what the most engaging Facebook posts were this summer?

Four out of five mobiles shop on mobile – Amazon is the most popular site

One to watch…  Snapseed are Instagram’s rival and Google+ are snapping them up!
This week’s awesome case study Kellog’s launhes Krave social campaign
This week’s must bookmark site Looking for a translation & language learning site? Check out Duolingo

Twitch – the YouTube equivalent for games

Quote of the week Twitter doesn’t want anything that you post to Twitter to go anywhere else.”

Matthew Panzarino, tech journalist, writing at



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18 Jan

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Social media update: 11/11/2012

11 Dec

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In this week’s social media update: Instagram’s new Facebook-inspired profiles, Twitter plans to add photos to compete with Instagram and Twitter’s new transparency over copyright infringement. Find out else has been happening this week!

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General news Four real-time lessons from a viral social media crisis

Twitter’s new #transparency over copyright infringement

Five handy Pinterest tools to help you measure success

Facebook revamps Friendship pages to chronicle your relationships

How do Facebook’s opt-in notificatins, Pages feed affect brands?

Twitter plans to add photo filters to compete with Instagram

Infographic: social media statistics 2012

Five reasons why your business needs pictures when Tweeting

Social plus search: building a better search engine

Six YouTube tools and tips for social media success

Set your Instagram to ‘private’

Four key steps to achieving relevance in email marketing

Top 100 brands on Google+ have a total audience of 23 million

21 ways online retailers can improve customer retention rates

One-third og Google employees haven’t posted to Google+ in past month

VW accounts for 25% of car ads shared online

Ten social media statistics that will blow your mind

Pinterest launches secret boards so you can pin in private

Would you eat a hot meal from a vending machine

Designing a social media policy that actually works in a crisis

Instagram’s new Facebook-inspired profiles

Facebook Global Pages

Facebook’s people talking about this metric doesn’t express engagement

Why you should link your Google+ account to Adwords


One to watch…  Gap: Postagram on Facebook


This week’s awesome case study Five brands that rock daily emails

How to measure ROI on Pinterest


This week’s must bookmark site 10 essentials for creative mobile campaigns


Quote of the week For brands to be relevant to consumers, they have to develop a new way of interacting with consumers.

Anne McCreary of Carat, as quoted by The New York Times


Social media update: 18/11/2012

18 Nov

Hi all,

In this week’s social media update – Facebook has been making some more changes, Pinterest offers new business accounts and what are the trends for 2013? Take a look to find out more!

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General news What brands should do with data from social media

Noticed a drop in Facebook reach? Tell fans to ‘Get Notifications’!

What are the trends for 2013?

Round-up about the latest changes on Facebook – don’t miss this!

Content marketers – think mobile!

Most popular comments pinned to the top on Facebook – like?

Do you think live tweeting should be protected?

Facebook’s new job app – could this be the end of LinkedIn?

Yay or nay – what do you think about the new MySpace?

Importance of mobile commerce.

Ford, Chevy & VW – best practice examples.

How to use secret boards on Pinterest.

Top ten tips for content marketing

What’s gamification? Find out here.

68% of time spent on smartphones occurs at home – find out more facts here.

New Business accounts for Pinterest!

What to do when a social media crisis hits

Facebook sounds coming soon!

Pin multiple posts on Facebook Groups

Three social media myths!

Disney creates magic through social media

Which type of Facebook fan are you?


One to watch…  How Coca-Cola use co-creation to crowdsource new marketing ideas


This week’s awesome case study  Why Red Bull is a great social media case study

McDonalds vs KFC – who wins?


This week’s must bookmark site Heard of Gyft? Find out more here…


Quote of the week In the near term, I don’t expect Facebook to be selling televisions or appliances, but there are certain categories like flowers, chocolate and wine where they could add revenue.”

Arvind Bhatia of Sterne Agee & Leach, as quoted by Bloomberg Businessweek



Social media update: 3/11/2012

3 Nov

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Here is this weeks social media update. This week: Facebook and Google+ have made some interesting updates to their platforms; find out how to use Pinterest to increase sales and, how many characters should you use to tweet?

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General news Are you excited about the new Google Wallet card?


70-110 characters are more likely to be retweeted


62% of people use social networks on a second screen while watching TV!


How can you access Facebook and Twitter without the Internet?


49% of customers said they prefer to use email, compared to 43% on phone. Find out more here.


21% of Pinterest users purchased something they saw on a pinboard!


How to conduct a social media audit


41% buy several sizes of the same piece of clothing. Find out more interesting retail facts here!


Facebook tests new streamlined Timeline layout – what do you think?


Check out this Facebook Psychology infographic!


What’s new with Google+?


The usual question – how can you improve engagement on Facebook?


New features to enhance your LinkedIn results


71% of companies use social media as a channel to address customer service issues. Find out more here!


Enhance your Facebook profile – click here now!


Why aren’t retailers maximising marketing on Facebook?


How to get the most out of Google+.


This week’s awesome case study  

Heinz – which bean are you?


Top retailers on Facebook and top retailers on Pinterest


This week’s must bookmark site EverySignal is like Google alerts for social media
Quote of the week  

The cool thing about being in a niche is that you can own the niche pretty easily if it’s fairly small.”

Andrew Warner, a podcaster, as quoted by


Social media update: 13/10/12

13 Oct

Hi all,

We have a very busy social media update for this week! Find out more about O2’s different approach to customer services, Facebook’s new features and tell us what kind of social media user you are!
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General news
Find out why Google+ is the ‘social spine’ consumers 

What do you think about the new ‘want-able’ pics of products?


60 new channels added to YouTube
How to build a long lasting digital relationship
A wristband for non-fitness fanatics
What type of social media user are you?
How can you succeed in social media? Click here to find out now!
Great brands on Google+ – which is your favourite?
David Cameron passes 100K followers!
Retailers on Pinterest – a report
Content marketing metrics: publishers vs marketers
eBay has had a refresh and looks like Pinterest…
‘Rate this app’ requests is just one of many user complaints ofmobile apps
How to optimise Twitter engagement 
Facebook tests retail tools – ‘want’ and ‘wishlist’
What voice does your brand have?
Did you check in on the plane crash? 
Facebook reach has dropped by around 50% – how can we fix it?
Offensive social media prosecutions
Negotiating in 140 characters or less
Dis is how you do great customer service on Twitter
How can you optimise your Facebook Cover?
One to watch…  Pepsi’s vending machine – lets you give drinks to friends
This week’s awesome case study Infographic on how to make websites more social to increase purchase
This week’s must bookmark site Hot trends in social media
Quote of the week The jury is still out on social media in most corporate minds. Most are dipping a foot in. Few are diving in head first.”

Amy Jo Martin, writing in a book excerpt from “Renegades Write the Rules” at Fast Company online

Dos and don’ts of handling customer feedback

18 Sep

Want to know how to deal with customer comments for your brand across social media?  Here is a list of a dozen or so dos and don’ts of handling customer feedback:

1) Do…
get back to the customer and acknowledge that they have posted a message on your wall, whist you find the answer/ or relevant contact.  Whether this is a positive or negative message, reply back on social media as soon as possible (we’re talking minutes rather than hours). Make sure that you thank the customer and let them know that you appreciate their feedback and will get back to them with a suitable answer as soon as possible.
2) Don’t…
make promises that you cannot keep.  This is very important as you could quite easily end up making the current problem worse than it is.   Reply back to the customer and let them know that you will get back to them and let them know once the issue/ situation has been investigated. This will then give you time to get the information you need and come back with a response which can be delivered.
3) Do…
make sure there is consistency across the brands social media channels and customer care.  Internal communication is very important here. The worst thing you can do here is respond with different answers across Twitter, Facebook etc. Not only does this look extremely unprofessional, but also changes the customers perception of your brand, reduces their trust and questions the brands honesty. To avoid this, employ a clear procedure internally where the relevant people must assess the situation/ issue together and agree on an outcome to be communicated across the communication channels.
4) Don’t….
always feel that you must respond to a customer. Although this may seem to contradict the first ‘do’, this is where it is important to assess whether a comment needs to be dealt with. Some comments may be just the customers way to ‘vent’ and express their feelings, but not necessarily require a response.  This is where you need to make a judgement call. You run the risk of replying and aggravating the situation further and engaging in an unnecessary dialogue.
5) Do…
emphasise with your customers and give a ‘human’ response rather than a ‘standard response’ which appears to be a copy and paste from a document. There are times when there is only a limited number of ways you can say the same thing, but just make sure that you show that you are speaking to that specific customer and make them feel that you are dealing with their issue.
6) Don’t…
use technical jargon. This can lead to misunderstandings and frustrate the customer.  Also, some brands deal with multiple languages, so when the customer tries to translate your response, this may be more confusing.
7) Do…
give as much detail as possible. It’s always best to put things in simple terms so that the customer is clear on what your next steps are/ what you advise them to do.
8) Don’t…
criticise the customer publicly or be rude as this is very unprofessional and reflects badly on your brand. If a customer is consistently using profanity, give them a warning stating that you will have to remove/ block them if they continue this way, and then action this if need be.
9) Do…
try and take the conversation off the Facebook page/ Twitter feed and deal with the matter privately, either via email/ direct or private message.  This is best for both the customer and the brand as there is less ‘spam’ on the wall/ in the feed and the customer’s details are protected.
10) Don’t…
use slang or forget to check the spellings and grammar of your response.  Make sure that you use a professional, amicable tone which is in line with your brands tone.  Also, make sure you don’t abbreviate words to avoid confusion.
11) Do…
have an agreed process/ policy on crisis management internally.  Some customer messages can be resolved quite easily at base level, but there should be a structured system in place to make sure that the right method is followed to get the situation under control.  If a certain department or individual is required to write a response statement, make sure that they are aware of this process and have agreed on a timescale. This is very important for social media as brands cannot afford to delay sign-off for a response and require three people from different departments to sign off a simple comment.
12) Don’t…
forget to make it clear who has signed off the message. Where possible do give a personal response on an individual level rather than as a brand.  People prefer talking to people rather than the generic brand name.  Some Twitter accounts have three or four dedicated individuals who will respond to queries and will sign off with their initials at the end of a message.
13) Do…
signpost customers to an alternative source if you feel that they will be able to get the answers from another platform a  lot faster – such as the website etc.
And finally, do let me know whether this helps you with dealing with any customer feedback. Alternatively, please feel free to leave any questions below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.